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Market Makers Advisors provides a fully integrated financial services including planning, analysis and consultancy, We realize how rapid economic and technological changes in the world is driving clients to focus on value and new ways of working. with strong expertise across a wide range of disciplines to solve our clients’ most complex challenges and make the right decisions in a fast changing world.

Our scope of work 

Financial Analysis

Compiling the data and information of the company's financial statements, and examining such data and information in a detailed and accurate manner to illustrate the elements of the statements and the extent of correlation among them or show the changes that occur therein during a period or multiple periods of time, and compare them with the sector where the company operates; and then, interpret the results reached and look into the reasons thereof in order to conduct a comprehensive evaluation of the company and determine the level of its performance and therefore be able to make a decision.

Financial Planning

A comprehensive assessment of the current and future financial position of a person through the use of variables known in the present time in order to forecast the future cash flows to help the customer develop a detailed strategy or a financial plan associated with investment in securities, commodities or commodities contracts to achieve the customer’s financial goals

Industry Expertise

Market Makers brings to its clients

a deep  understanding of many industries

Oil & Gas
Oil and has concessions 

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Stock market analysis 

Alternative Energy
Solar and Wind


Property Financial Services 

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